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Tanisha Eileen

I Create My Reality… I Am Happy

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“I create my reality.

I am powerful.

I have a strong focus

And vibration.

I attract what I want

When I am feeling good.

I love to feel good.

I choose happiness.

I am happy.”

Hang this where you can sit, ponder, and repeat the strong, powerful, and uplifting words you’ll find on this print. You can use it as an affirmation to help you feel good or just hang it because you like it.

*Please note, 5 x 7 and 4 x 6 prints may not be exactly as pictured due to a need to crop the images to fit the print size.

Also colours may vary due to different screen displays.


Printed on gloss photo paper.


Frame not included.


Comes in a clear bag with a cardboard backing.


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