About The Bold Unicorn

A Note from The Creator 

I am Tanisha Eileen Hamelin, a Canadian artist born and raised in Edmonton, Alberta. The Bold Unicorn was created as a way to sell my artwork and creations.

More than that, it has become an avenue to express my creativity and highlight the fun and magical side of life, because we all can use a little magic.

Life Is Magical

I have no doubt that life is quite magical. It took me a long time to see it, though. I have spent a lot of time feeling the opposite of good. Once I figured out it is all about the feeling, then things changed.

I found the magic in my own life by changing the way I feel. I now consider it my life purpose to inspire others to feel good about themselves, and life, and everything in between. 

The Magic of Life Needs to be Felt First

The magic of life needs to be felt before it can be witnessed. Everything you will find for sale in The Bold Unicorn is meant to inspire a feeling of peace, hopefulness, optimism, enthusiasm, passion, and love. Whether that be for life, people, ourselves, or simply, an appreciation of some beautiful artwork. 

I hope you are inspired to feel good, or better. Since, at the end of the day, why does anyone do anything, if it isn’t because they want to feel better?

So if The Bold Unicorn can assist you on your journey to feeling good through inspiring prints and other works of art, than I feel fulfilled. I hope you find something that makes you feel good here!


With Lots of Love,

Tanisha Eileen Hamelin