The Bold Unicorn New Logo

The Bold Unicorn New Logo

The Bold Unicorn has a new logo! As a new business, it was time for a makeover. The original logo never really spoke to my heart like my creations do. It didn’t feel like a reflection of what The Bold Unicorn really is.

Truth be told, the old logo was rushed. I needed a logo as I embarked on this new journey and it was something I came up with and just went for it. As the kind of person who can spend a lot of time thinking about something rather than doing, at that time I felt like I needed to just go with it. So I did, and while it served its purpose to begin with, it is time for change.

Now it’s time to move on to bigger and better things, which includes a new logo. As an individual who loves all things magical, the store name “The Bold Unicorn” made sense. I love unicorns, I love magic, I love fairy tales with a happy ending. I love happiness, feeling positive. That is what this store is all about, spreading the love. Inspiring positivity. Any inspiration I can offer to the world should inspire feelings of magical goodness.

So the new logo fits in with all of that, and quite frankly, its simplicity works too. With the name that we have, adding some unicorn features makes sense. Like the original, I designed this myself and I’m quite happy with it. So with that said, be bold, unicorns, and I hope you enjoy the new look.

With lots of love,

Tanisha Hamelin, Owner

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