New Stuff! Love Notes

New Stuff! Love Notes

I love Love, and I love, Love Notes. Who doesn’t, honestly? And that’s what’s inspired my latest creation. The desire to spread love, or more so, to remind the people we love that we do. We think they are awesome, they are our person, they are special to us. It’s a really sweet gesture that would inevitably result in the very least a smile, a moment of happiness, in receipt of one. So spread some love with a cute love note!

 These love notes are not too mushy so even if your love isn’t all that sentimental, they should still appreciate them. I also encourage you to write on the back. A little note, a little, your bum is cute or I miss you when we aren’t together, will suffice. Something to personalize it, taking it that extra step further.

How to Write a Love Note

  1. Write who it’s to
  2. Write who it’s from
  3. Include the date
  4. Think about what you appreciate about that person
  5. Think about how you wish you could make them feel
  6. Speak from the heart with special words or a simple, I love you

The basics should start with a name, who it’s from, and the date you wrote it. The date is always good to have because time flies when you are having fun. If your love chooses to keep their notes, they have a timeline record of when they received it making the personalized note that much more special.

Otherwise just write a lot about what makes you happy when you think about that person. What do you appreciate about them, how do you wish you could make them feel? Speak from the heart. Feel genuine when you write it, and that feeling will come through in the message. 

Places to Put a Love Note for a Love to Find Later

In a jacket pocket

Lunch box

On the seat of their car

As a part of a larger gift

In a notebook they use regularly

In the middle of a book they are reading

Next to their coffee

On their bedside table

The thought is what it’s all about, so let us help you spread some love with these love notes. On special until the end of February, you get 6 notes in a bundle for $5, regular price is $10. These Love Notes come with little envelopes that seal closed too.

Check out our Love Notes here

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